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Sgml is a Markup Language. That means nothing to the most of you, but I'll try to explain that. Markup languages, add special tags to text, so that when that text is parsed through a specific program, the tags get a meaning, relative to the appearance of the text. The most well-known and broadly-used markup language is HTML (which, by the way means Hyper Text Markup Language). Others, not so broadly known, are Math ML and XML. All of these (with the exeption of XML) are actually subsets of SGML. SGML, through a DTD (Definition) file, may be converted (with use of sgml-tools, aka linuxdoc) to html, txt, ps, dvi, tex, info, rtf etc.

If some sgml-tags have no similar tag for the resulting form, they are ignored. So, that's the way SGML works. No, it's not difficult. It's just different (if you already know HTML).

Επόμενο  Προηγούμενο  Περιεχόμενα

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