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4. Modifications

The modifications, where made against August version 0.30. We hope, if we can find more SGML tags, to make an option, so that August may be used either as SGML or HTML editor.
In order to modify the August, somebody would have to know SGML and Tcl/Tk as good as Johan knows HTML and Tcl/Tk respectively. Unfortunately, I'm not the one :-( I only know some of the tags we use in Magaz, and, as I have found no documentation at all regarding SGML, I have to admit that my knowledge won't get any broader. Although, if anybody knows of a SGML tag not used in modified August, and the equivalent to HTML just let us know.

You may see the Toolbar on the figure above. From these, we have:

Nr - Row Meaning Modified
1 First Exit No need
2 First Close file No need
3 First New file No need
4 First Open file No need
5 First Save No need
6 First Save As No need
7 First Cut No need
8 First Copy No need
9 First Paste No need
10 First Bold Yes
11 First Italics Yes
12 First Underline No
13 First Teletype Yes
14 First Preformatted Yes
15 First Paragraph Yes
16 First Linebreak Yes
17 First Comment No
18 First Help No need
1 Second Color No
2 Second Font No
3 Second Image Sort of...
4 Second Link/anchor Yes/Yes
5 Second Mailto Yes
6 Second Numbered list Yes
7 Second Bullet list Yes
8 Second Definition list Yes
9 Second List item/definition Yes/Yes
10 Second Left align No
11 Second Centered No
12 Second Right align No
13 Second Basic structure Yes
14 Second Table Yes
15 Second Rowspan No
16 Second Columnspan No
17 Second Background color No
18 Second Netscape preview No

Επόμενο  Προηγούμενο  Περιεχόμενα

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